YouTube to MP3 Converter that Includes Album Art

How do you enjoy listening to music every day? As is known, currently there are lots of choices that you can use to listen to your favorite music. For example, now you can stream music from various platforms online, listen to music via YouTube, and so on.

However, listening to music offline remains the main choice and favorite of many people. This is because listening to music offline is known to have many advantages. One platform that you can use to download music is Ytmp3 by converting videos from YouTube into mp3 format.

How to Download MP3 From YTMP3?

Ytmp3 is the best converter tool that is simple and user-friendly. This converter has a very simple appearance and will allow any visitor to access this converter. How it can be used will be explained further below.

– The First Step

First, you have to open the YouTube site or YouTube application. Next, select the music video you want to download.

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– Second Step

If the music video you want has been found, click until the video is displayed. Copy this video link by clicking the share button at the bottom of the video display. After that, a link to the video will appear and you can copy it by clicking the copy button.

– Third Step

The next step, you paste the link you got earlier on this platform converter. So after you copy the desired link you can open it in the browser to go to Next, on the main page, there will be a column available to paste the copied link.

– Fourth Step

After copying, click submit and wait for the converting process for a few moments. In just a matter of seconds, the video you are referring to will be converted into mp3 format or music audio file.

– Fifth Step

If the covering process is complete, several options will appear for the quality and size of the desired audio file. You can freely choose the size you want according to your needs.

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– Sixth Step

If you have made your choice, click the download button and wait for the download process to complete. If the download process is complete, the audio file will automatically be saved on your device. If you download it via PC, you can check the download folder in the file manager.

Likewise, if you download it using your cellphone, it will usually be saved automatically in the download folder in my files or file manager.

By following the steps above, you can easily convert and download your favorite songs from YouTube videos. If a pop-up appears, you can click the download button again until the download process appears and the conversion results are obtained. How very easy is that?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Ytmp3

Converting videos or MP4 format files to MP3 audio can be done easily just by using this converter. You can get your favorite music audio files quickly and easily, so what other advantages does it have. Come on, look at the explanation below.

– Advantages

The advantage of this converter is that first, it has a website UI display that is very simple and easy to use. Furthermore, the conversion process is also very fast. As mentioned earlier, in just a matter of seconds, there is no need to wait long, the song you want can be downloaded quickly.

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The next advantage that the converter has is that it is compatible with various devices such as cellphones or PCs/laptops. Apart from that, the conversion results obtained are always of high quality.

So you don’t need to worry, even though the results of this conversion are obtained from video compression in mp4 format, the results obtained are very high-quality audio. Apart from that, the resulting mp3 is very easy to download.

– Disadvantages

Despite its advantages, this converter has a few disadvantages that must be paid attention to. So that you don’t suffer losses, you have to pay attention to things such as the internet connection used.

So one of the drawbacks is that the download speed depends on the internet connection you have. Therefore, before downloading the desired file, it would be better to check your internet connection first. Apart from that, because the resulting file is the result of a conversion, sometimes you will encounter problems with copyright.

But apart from that, you don’t need to worry about anything else. Even though it has shortcomings, Ytmp3 is still the best converter tool compared to other converter tools.